Cozy, well-appointed, tastefully furnished rooms with a lovely view of nature from every window. It has the feel of owning ones own cottage in the hills without the trouble of building or maintaining one.

Two bedrooms are in the first floor apartment. An independent stairway leads straight into an inviting dining space. From the dining are 2 double bedrooms with attached baths and individual balconies. The baths are well fitted with a tub each and large geysers.

The apartment also boasts of a study and a terrace dotted with roses and overlooking the river.

The 3rd bedroom is located on the ground floor with an independent entrance and a patch of green, a sit-out, where you can breathe in the fresh mountain air smelling of Pines and Cedars.

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  • Vikash Sharma says:

    Though, the village has plenty of small inns and small motels but the most comfortable one is a beautiful cottage called “Once Upon A Time”.

    It is more of a home and goes very well with the saying ‘ Home is where you go when you run out of homes’. Tastefully built and well looked after ; this cottage will definitely leave a mark in your heart forever. It offers you the freedom to relax, read, write, paint and even cook. The best part being , you do all this while the river sings for you flowing adjacent to the cottage and the cedars and pines offer the music in the backdrop. You may even walk down to the river from the stair case , sit on the rocks and unwind yourself. The cottage facilitates you with the best housekeeping, beautifully done rooms and a homely kitchen with every provision; the best being you have on call a care taker too.

  • Jaspreet says:

    My wife loved the cottage n she says we have to come here atleast every month !

  • Mandakini says:

    Wish you a very happy new year Mr. Arvind. Thank you for giving us such a comfortable stay, could not have been a better start to the year. Thank you and I have to mention Pooja Didi is an amazingly warm person, a very good cook. I am glad we went there and are planning to go back once more. Thanks.

  • Kunal Arora says:

    This was my first visit to Kasol & had a Wonderful Experience staying at ‘Once Upon a Time’.
    I would like to thank you and the team of once upon a time.

  • Aditi Vatsa says:

    This was our 1st visit to Kasol and we could not hoped for a better accommodation.
    The visit was made even more comfortable by the caretaker and her food .

  • Monika says:

    Taking back in time as you mention – Once Upon a Time has been a true reminder of ‘time’ and what it means to live it in the truest sense in a place which is near to perfection.
    The location , the aura , the ambience and the way everything has been thought of and built definitely tells a story and the dream you have lived through.
    As we go from here we carry a similar dream and many memories with us. Once Upon a Time to someday become a lifetime to live with.
    Thanks Arvind – for allowing us to find a place in your cottage !!!

  • Rishabh says:

    10 years down the line when we look back at our trip , we all are sure to recall this was amazing staying over there.

  • Unsigned says:

    Beautiful location, well maintained rooms and an amazing hospitality.

  • Unsigned says:

    A mesmerising location, rejuvenating experience and the best home food a man can have (coming from a person who has been missing home food for 3 months ).
    Heaven on this beautiful country called India.

  • Mandakini & friends says:

    We cannot think of a better way, in which we could begin another year. Thank you so much.
    You have a lovely home.
    You have amazing people here as well. We loved the lip-smacking food the caretaker made for us.
    Can’t wait to be back here again.
    Thank you again for helping us take back such amazing memories.
    We hope you have a great year ahead as well !

  • Vinay Nehra says:

    Awesome experience once again, as always.
    Keep the standard high !!!

  • Vikas & Suman Bansal says:

    Don’t know where to start from .
    The moment we saw this cottage on the internet it evoked the memories of all the dreams that we have always seen: Of a place near river where we would spend our time together.
    When we reached here, it made those dreams true to perfection, with the rippling sound of the river, the fireplace in the room, an English cottage feeling by small things put in different corners of the cottage, the furniture, everything !
    This trip to ‘Once Upon a Time’ will always be special as a lifetime experience .

  • Shanky Singh & friends says:

    Overlooking the river , this place is right where we wanted it to be. Chilling in the patio at night was the best part about our stay here.
    A lot of thought has gone into the designing and interiors of this place and surely this is one of a kind.
    Special thanks to the caretaker for taking care of us during our stay ….

  • Mayank & friends says:

    This was a first visit to Kasol & due to the stay in this awesome cottage it was worth it. “Food” was very delicious and all the sevices were very awesome !!!
    * 🙂

  • Karan, Aditi and Rohit Ritambhara says:

    Right from the interior of this beautiful cottage to its overlooking the river view, lovely green grass. Everything in this place is very vinage looking , yet so modern,
    i.e. Overall a classy experience.
    Would love to come again and again.
    The wonderful part has been the yummiest breakfasts.

  • Maya & Sikander Yadu says:

    The cottage with its rustic charm & serene location proved to be the perfect beginning for our Himalayan adventure.
    Caretaker’s hospitality was immaculate.
    Excellent stay and lot of memories to be taken back from this !

  • We arrived in Kasol after having frozen to our cores at Tosh. Despite coming here without prior plans/bookings, Mr.Goswamy graciously opened his house to us with the promise that it was the most beautiful place to stay at in Kasol. That promise was delivered and more !

    This beautiful cottage took our breath away at the very first sight.

    It’s cosy and comfortable interiors were so welcoming and coupled with the constant soft roar of the stream, we knew this would be one of our most memorable vacations.
    The sunny disposition of the caretaker had us feeling right at home.The best food we had in Kasol was right here.

    Once again thank you so much !

  • Chandrabali Sen says:

    Is it possible to add some folding cots to accomodate 6 persons ? Is it possible to sleep in the study ? Saw pictures of your cottage and loved it . Am a nature lover and everything about your cottage appeals to me.

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