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Here we explain about Kasol a tourist destination nestled in the lap of the mountains, dominated by the personality of Parvati, the river , and snow capped peak that stands tall at the helm, was once a quiet little hamlet . Today it is dotted with shops and eateries that serve multi-national cuisines : Cyber cafes , travel bookings , money exchanges and an ATM : Hotels and homestays to suit different kinds of tourists , back packers and laid back holiday makers. It retains its beauty and charm , none the less.

Coordinates 32.010710° N, 77.313736° E Altitude – 5,500 ft. Above mean sea level.

Weather (Kasol) – year-round temperature chart and year-round precipitation charts are available on the inter-net . Since the weather keeps varying , it is best to check it out on the internet.

Warm to very warm clothes are required depending on the season , and it also varies from person to person .

TO REACH KASOL – you can :

  • Fly to kullu (Bhuntar)from Delhi or Chandigarh and then cover the 32 km stretch by a taxi or local bus.
  • Reach the railhead at Chandigarh and travel by car/taxi taking either Chandigarh-Ropar-Kiratpur-Swarghat-Bilaspur-Sundernagar-Mandi-Bhuntar-Manikaran route , OR take Chandigarh-Shimla-Ghaghas bridge-Sundernagar-Mandi-Bhuntar-Manikaran route OR Chandigarh-Dharampur-Sabathu-Kunihar-Arki-Shalaghat-Ghaghas bridge-Sundernagar-Mandi-Bhuntar-Manikaran route.
  • Reach the railhead at Pathankot and cover the journey by road taking Pathankot-Kangra-Palampur-Jogindernagar-Mandi-Bhuntar-Manikaran route.
  • Take an overnight Luxury Volvo bus from New Delhi to Kullu, get off at Bhuntar and take a taxi or local bus to Kasol.k

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